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The aim of regenerative medicine is to heal injured tissues and not just mask the pain, which means better outcomes for patients. If you have musculoskeletal pain and want to know if regenerative medicine could help, contact the board-certified pain management specialists at Lynx Healthcare, which has locations in Farmington and Albuquerque, New Mexico. They are experts in using cells that come from your own body to deliver cutting-edge regenerative medicine treatments like platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and stem cell therapy. To find out more, call the nearest office or use the online booking tool today.

Regenerative Medicine Q & A

What is regenerative medicine?

Regenerative medicine is a treatment many professional athletes use to aid in rapid healing from an injury and get back to full activity. These advanced methods use your body's natural healing mechanisms to give you lasting pain relief and improved mobility.

The Lynx Healthcare team uses regenerative medicine to relieve chronic pain and heal bones, muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments using your own platelets and stem cells.

Procedures like these aren't always eligible for insurance coverage, so patients often turn to regenerative medicine techniques after other treatments such as physical therapy and anti-inflammatory medication fail.

What are the benefits of regenerative medicine?

The benefits of regenerative medicine are extensive. By accelerating the healing process, regenerative medicine techniques can decrease pain and improve function within weeks, with little to no downtime.

You could benefit from the use of regenerative medicine in combination with surgery to accelerate healing. However, using regenerative medicine before the damage progresses any further can significantly reduce the need for surgery in the first place.

What types of regenerative medicine are there?

Lynx Healthcare offers two types of regenerative medicine:

PRP therapy

Platelet-rich plasma is a concentrated solution of platelets harvested from a sample of your own blood. Lynx Healthcare has an onsite lab that separates the PRP from your blood cells so they can inject it into the site of your injury. The injection stimulates your body's natural healing process and can also provide pain relief.

Cellular therapy

Cellular therapy, or stem cell therapy, is a groundbreaking approach to treating a comprehensive range of conditions that cause chronic pain and limited mobility. The Lynx Healthcare team harvests stem cells from your bone marrow or fatty tissues, then injects them into the site of your injury.

The result is a natural regeneration of damaged tissue and faster healing times. Cellular therapy is a safe method of restoring your health after a traumatic injury or other painful condition that reduces your quality of life.

What conditions can regenerative medicine treat?

The Lynx Healthcare team uses regenerative medicine to treat musculoskeletal conditions such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Tendinitis
  • Sprains and strains
  • Tennis elbow
  • Golfer's elbow
  • Rotator cuff injuries
  • Back and neck pain
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Facet joint syndrome

You might begin to feel the benefits of your regenerative medicine treatment in as few as two weeks, and your body continues to gradually heal itself over time.

Find out more about regenerative medicine by calling Lynx Healthcare or booking an appointment online today.